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About ZNA Potomac:                                                                                   

ZNA Potomac Koi Club is a chapter of Zen Nippon Airinkai and affiliated with the AKCA. ZNA Potomac serves Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia. The members come from all areas and bring together a wealth of knowledge and experience. The members range from seasoned pond keepers to new hobbyists. Ponds range from preformed hard plastic with a few hundred gallons to expansive custom designed ponds with thousands of gallons. All hobbyists are welcome and everyone learns. We sincerely hope you enjoy your time at our website and we look forward to meeting you at our next event!

2023 Schedule: More info may be added at a later date so check back often and follow us on Facebook

2023 ZNA Potomac Schedule:

April 16th General Meeting 1pm 
Vienna Aquarium of Leesburg Virginia

May 20th Young Koi Show  
ZNA Potomac & ZNA Tri-State
Beni Hanna Koi Carneys Point New Jersey

May 20-21
ZNA Koi Enlightenment Weekend
Beni Hanna Koi Carneys Point New Jersey
Email MFrady@znapotomac.org for more info

June 25th Koi Auction 
Time and Place in Virginia TBD   Cancelled

July 16th General Meeting 2pm 
Mike Frady's house Alexandria Virginia

August 13th Show Planning Meeting 2pm  
Meadowlark Gardens Vienna Virginia

September 8-10 Annual Koi Show
Meadowlark Gardens Vienna Virginia 

October 15th General Meeting (maybe koi auction) 2pm  
Location TBD


Show News: Dates for the 2023 show are September 8-10 and the show will be held at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. See the show link up top to download the show forms.


Recent News:

The website has been updated on 6/21/2023.



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